The Yawgoog Scout Reservation in Rockville, Rhode Island is one of the premier summer camp reservations in New England. BSA Troop 182 actively participates one to two weeks most summers. While there, Scouts have an opportunity to work on rank advancement, merit badges (including those required for the Eagle Scout rank), and engage in fun camping activities and camp ceremonies.

Yawgoog is divided into three separate Camps: Camp Three Point, Camp Medicine Bow and Camp Sandy Beach. Troop 182 usually camps at Camp Three Point.

In addition to rank advancement and merit badges, scouts earn Yawgoog patch "Segments" for various activities that they complete while at camp.
Camp Yawgoog
Yawgoog 2012 Health Form
Yawgoog 2012 Flyer
Yawgoog 2012 Camp Application
Yawgoog 2011 Merit Badge Schedule and Eagle Merit Badge Schedule
Yawgoog 2011 Sunday BBQ
Yawgoog 2011 Parent Letter
Yawgoog 2011 Packing List
Yawgoog 2011 Advancement Info Form
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Campsite Segments
Awarded for attending Camp Medicine Bow
Awarded for attending Camp Sandy Beach
Awarded for attending Camp Three Point
Awarded for attending Counselor-In-Training Corps
Aquatic Segments
Earned by completing orientation & canoeing
Earned by completing orientation & kayaking
Earned by completing the mile swim
Earned by completing orientation & sailboating
Challenge Segments
Earned by completing the low-rope course & group challenges
Advanced Challenge: earned by completing the low-rope course & group challenges
Earned by completing the high-rope course (must be 14+)
Earned by climbing the "Giant's Ladder"
Earned by completing the Handicapped Awareness Trail
Earned by rappelling down a tower
CY (Youth Leadership) Segments
Bronze CY (lowest)
Gold CY (middle)
Silver CY (highest)
Adult Leadership Segments
Given to Scout Masters
Given to Assistant Scout Masters
Knights of Yawgoog: given to new adults who stayed a full week at Yawgoog
(they are also given a potato to wear around their neck for closing ceremonies)
Given to Senior Patrol Leaders
Given to Scouts who serve a full summer at Yawgoog on staff
Other Segments
Given to Scouts who complete orientation and shoot a shotgun
Yoeman: given to Scouts who complete orientation and shoot a 120 on bow & arrow
Earned by Scouts who complete an Eagle required Merit Badge at Yawgoog
Given to Scouts who complete a Nature related merit badge at KEEC
Hiker of Yawgoog: given to Scouts who have hiked all the trails
Order of the Arrow: given to those who are part of the OA
Given to Troops who are Troop of the Week
Yawgoog Alumni Association: given to those who make a donation
Yawgoog Heritage Center: given to those who go to the Heritage Center
Given to those who attend Daily Mass
Given to Scouts who recycle 10 or more cans